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Welcome to Demeter Wellness.  Thank you for undertaking a food intolerance test, the road to better health. I have completed my training with the UK School of Naturopathic Nutrition and have been awarded a diploma in Allergy Intolerance Therapy.

The Machine:

The machine used to complete your test was developed in Germany and has been used by doctors and natural healthcare practitioners. The machine measures changes in the body’s resistance which will help pinpoint potentially harmful foods. This sort of testing is complimentary and known as BER Bionergetics Resonance Machine. The machine has an accuracy rate of 75-80-% and gives immediate results which I can interpret and highlight potential problem foods and advise you accordingly.

What’s provided:

The test may reveal multiple food and drink sensitivities which may be responsible for your health problems. By removing these from your diet, for one month, followed by sensible reintroduction, you will be able to see if your body can safely tolerate them. If upon reintroduction, you cannot tolerate them, we will be able to determine whether you need to eliminate these foods permanently or seek further guidance.

I am able to provide you with alternative food ideas and a basic nutritional programme.

What do I do if I have an intolerance?

There are two main ways of tackling the issue, one is to remove all offending foods in one swoop and waiting a month to reintroduce. The second is more gradual reduction and reintroduction to the diet, this is usually done if there are multiple intolerances. You may decide to cut two or more foods each week for a minimum of a month. If you are struggling with this, you may contact me or try: tailormadediet.co.uk

Common Food Sensitivities:

The most common food sensitivities are: wheat, dairy products, yeast, sugar, chocolate, tea, citrus fruit and coffee.

It can be difficult for people to accept that the foods we consume and enjoy are causing us harm. When the body is bombarded with refined and processed food, it is placed under physical stress, when this happens, it can become short of water and there can be an increase in the production of histamine. This can cause the body’s immune /defence system to be thrown off balance and food intolerances and sensitivities to develop. The raised levels of histamine cause sensitivities to the food and drink found within our bodies.

Elimination and what to expect:

Food problems can sometimes result from the poor elimination of waste products from the body which can then effect the assimilation of vital nutrients required for health. You may benefit from an elimination diet which will aid the cleansing of toxins and undigested food particles from the body. If you follow an elimination diet, you must drink 4-5 pints (2.3 litres) of water every day excluding tea, coffee and other soft drinks.

For the first few days your body will go through all sorts of changes; you may have headaches, achiness, tiredness or loose bowels. This is a sign you are eliminating toxins. If you increase your water intake, this should subside.

You may wish to leave out any supplements for the first few days as supplements may encourage rapid detoxification and make you uncomfortable. By taking one dessert spoon of linseed soaked for four hours in water, swallowed twice a day will aid the elimination process.

If in doubt, leave it out:

If you know or suspect that your body has a problem with a particular food, listen to your body and stay off the food. Whilst the machine has an accuracy rate of 75-80% your body has an accuracy of 100%, trust your body not the machine.

If you have a known TRUE ALLERGY such as PEANUT OR SHELLFISH you should ensure this is reintroduced by a qualified medical practitioner.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies go hand in hand with food intolerances due to the digestive system being impaired. Your test will give you a guide to your vitamin and mineral status. It is not a comprehensive test which would have to be carried out via blood tests over a number of successive days. I can however guide you to appropriate supplements that may be helpful to your condition.

Feeling better and reintroduction:

You may find you feel better than you have felt in years towards the end of your elimination month, you may decide not to reintroduce. You may have further health problems that need a referral. After the month elimination, you can reintroduce but this must be one at a time with a gap of four days between reintroduction to ensure that there is no reaction before continuing to eat it. If there is an adverse reaction, this is your body’s way of telling you, you cannot tolerate the food and to leave it out of your diet.

Most people respond well to a four week elimination although some may require longer, not all symptoms are intolerance related alone although experience shows that if food is used as a therapy, it has the ability to heal a wide range of conditions including illnesses that one would not usually associate with food.

I am required to remind you that I am not liable for any action you may take as a result of the test of any information contained within the literature and that I cannot guarantee that following this safe, simple self help programme, that certain symptoms or allergies will be identified or eradicated from the body.

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“I don’t get any stomach pain now, have more energy & I’m losing weight”
I went to Phillippa as I was suffering terribly with my stomach. After she did the testing it became apparent that I was wheat intolerant. I have since given up wheat in my diet and I feel amazing! I don’t get any pains, I’m losing weight and I also have so much more energy than before. Thank you so much you’ve definitely changed my life as my “IBS” symptoms were controlling me.

Rebecca, Chatham